Snowflake Photographer – Wilson Bentley

All this snow outside, and of course I have been inspired to run out and photograph my regular surroundings under a blanket of snow. Hmm, on second thought,  its bloody cold out, windy, and grey,, not a great time for photographs really.


So a little blog post about another of my favorite photographers named Wilson Bentley. Born in Jericho, Vermont,  Bentley is one of the first known photographers of snowflakes. He perfected a process of catching flakes on black velvet in such a way that their images could be captured before they either melted or evaporated from existence.

Bentley poetically described snowflakes as “tiny miracles of beauty” and snow crystals as “ice flowers.” Despite these poetic descriptions, Bentley brought a highly objective eye to his work, similar to the German photographer Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932) who photographed seeds, seed pods, and foliage.

Bentley died of pneumonia at his farm on December 23, 1931, after walking home six miles in a blizzard, most likely doing what he loved,, photographing snowflakes!

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