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Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut – A photographic study of people blinking on camera. Normally when I am editing through a portrait shoot, I always edit out shots of the sitter with their eyes blinking closed. Of course I do, who wants to see someone with their eyes shut? Actually, it’s kind of interesting to see. Blinking… Read more »

Portraits in the Age of Truth

This morning I watched a breakfast interview with Nicole Kidman, and couldn’t help myself from scrutinizing her face for evidence of surgery, touch ups, and any perceivable credence that she has made attempt to surgically sustain her youth. I was not judging her for choices to remain young on camera, I think all humans have… Read more »

Snowflake Photographer – Wilson Bentley

All this snow outside, and of course I have been inspired to run out and photograph my regular surroundings under a blanket of snow. Hmm, on second thought,  its bloody cold out, windy, and grey,, not a great time for photographs really. So a little blog post about another of my favorite photographers named Wilson… Read more »

Turkish Mousetrap Salesman

A portrait that I have always found intriguing is this photo of a Turkish mousetrap salesman, taken by August Sander during the 1920’s in a post WW1 Germany. Seated in a formal posture with a direct stare into the camera, the sitter has a serene, yet puzzled expression on his face, and I find myself… Read more »

New Website Launched

After three years, it was time to launch a new Website. With the help from the folks at Creative Motion Design I managed to find a simple image based template, an easy CMS, and user friendly WP integration. Enough with the filler space on testing this new Blog and on with some shooting! Visit my… Read more »